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Ruland Manufacturing Company is offering oldham couplings with a variety of special features to meet application demands.

Keyways are a standard option to increase torque capacity of the coupling by creating a positive drive while also ensuring precise positioning of the coupling hub.

Hubs are available in stainless steel to increase corrosion resistance in harsh or clean environments.

Where frequent removal might cause discs to fall off, discs and hubs can be modified to allow them to be attached.

Discs are also available with a centre hole to allow shaft penetration.

Special bores and lengths are offered as well.

Oldham couplings are three-piece coupling assemblies comprised of two hubs with a mating centre section for transmission of torque.

The three-piece design has several advantages over single-piece couplings including ease of assembly and the ability to conveniently mix and match hubs with different bores, even inch to metric combinations.

Oldham coupling hubs have drive tenons that do not overlap when combined with the mating centre disc.

This design allows for easy sliding to accommodate misalignment with very light bearing loads since the only resistance caused by misalignment is frictional.

The couplings also operate as a mechanical fuse since the hubs will spin freely if the centre disc fails, and have the advantages of electrical isolation all at a relatively low cost.

Oldham couplings offer zero backlash and high torque capacity.

They accommodate angular and axial misalignment, but are especially useful in applications where parallel misalignment is present.

Ruland oldham couplings are offered from stock in a choice of six outside diameters from 13mm to 57mm in both set screw style and clamp style.

A large variety of inch and metric bore sizes starting at 3mm is available with keyways offered on 8mm and larger bores.

Ruland’s product line includes shaft collars and rigid couplings with precision honed bores, and five types of zero-backlash motion control couplings: beam couplings, bellows couplings, oldham couplings, curved jaw couplings and miniature disc couplings.

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