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Tristar has recommended the use of its Rulon W2 bearing in underwater props on a theme park amusement ride.

Tristar’s client, a designer of underwater park rides and all of the scenery and animatronics (or floating props) that make the ride simulate a real marine environment, required a durable bearing material for use in its underwater props.

The company’s engineering team recommended the Rulon W2 bearing, a black PTFE-based material specifically developed for use in freshwater applications.

These bearings are designed to offer a long wear rates and a high resistance to the tank’s chemicals.

The client said it needed a bearing that could last indefinitely in a freshwater tank with very high chlorine levels.

Due to the ride’s dependence on water clarity and its Sun Belt location, chlorine levels were maintained at such an extreme that divers who maintained the tank were strictly limited to the frequency and duration of their exposure.

Rulon W2 was able to withstand this highly corrosive environment as it has strong chemical resistance and good thermal dissipation.

After using Rulon W2 in underwater animatronics, the park designers have since replaced the rubber shaft bearings in the ride’s freshwater pumps and plan to convert other underwater bearings throughout the park to Rulon W2.

Tristar offers a large inventory of Rulon materials, including Rulon LR, Rulon J and Rulon 641, which are designed to offer an extended lifespan, flexible design and the ability to self-lubricate.

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