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A metal-edge industrial filter from Russell Finex has been built into Norwegian honey processor and distributor Honningcentralen’s production line to remove foreign bodies from the honey such as wax and bee wings.

The company’s existing filter was inefficient, continuously requiring manual cleaning, resulting in downtime and a loss of production time.

Russell Finex, recommended by Honningcentralen’s subsidiary office in Sweden, assessed the requirements of the company and recommended an industrial filter from the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter range.

Featuring a 63-micron wedge-wire screen, the filter is designed to be simple to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools.

The filter’s Spiroklene wiper system continuously cleans the surface of the filter element, eliminating the frequent blockages that were previously occurring.

In addition, the pressure problems Honningcentralen was experiencing have been eradicated as oversized material can be manually discharged.

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