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Electroshield, a Russian manufacturer, was experiencing long production times and high metalworking fluid replacement costs because of the short sump life of its existing product. After changing to Trim SC412, a semi-synthetic cutting and grinding fluid from Master Chemical, the company has improved its cost efficiency.

The cause of the problem was domestically supplied metalworking fluid that needed to be renewed every month. Annual consumption of this fluid was in excess of 3,000 litres.

Yury Reshmin, Master Chemical’s district manager for Russia, recommended Electroshield conduct a trial using Trim SC412 — which is formulated specifically for cost-effective, high-quality cast iron and steel machining. The fluid can be used for turning, drilling and tapping, as well as milling and grinding. It is also extremely hard-water tolerant — an important issue for Electroshield as water hardness in the Volga Region can be up to 380ppm.

For the trial, the 155-litre machine tank was filled with Trim SC412 at 11 per cent concentration and run for three months, during which time Reshmin visited the factory six times to monitor its operation and give further advice. As only 7.6 litres of the concentrate had been used during the entire trial period, Trim SC412 proved to be highly economical right from the start. For Electroshield, it provided a combination of low consumption and a long sump life.

The biostability of the product was proven, holding firm at 9.5pH throughout the trial. Corrosion protection and machine cleanliness were both good and, importantly, operator acceptance was high. Electroshield has now switched to Trim SC412 for low-carbon steel machining.

Click on the link above to download the Trim SC412 data sheet.

Key benefits of product application

  • Trim SC412 is specifically developed for cost-effective cast iron and steel machining.
  • The fluid can be used for turning, drilling, tapping, as well as milling and grinding.
  • It is hard-water tolerant and highly economical.
  • The fluid is environmentally friendly — it contains no DEA, chlorine, nitrites or phenolic compounds

The Coolant Management Company

Master Chemical develops and markets a comprehensive metalworking fluid
programme.  Its products are cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils,
washing and cleaning compounds and rust preventatives.  They are all
marketed under the brand name, TRIM.

Since 1990 Master Chemical Europe has provided a dedicated sales and
manufacturing service for Europe.  In that time it has also become the
centre of excellence for product development to meet the specific production
needs of European manufacturers.

Its research has led to the introduction of a range of water- and vegetable
ester based formulations that are non-hazardous yet offer superb production

The need for this type of metalworking fluid is driven by EU regulation and
as a result Master Chemical Europe is now the leading manufacturer of
application-specific metalworking fluids.

When used in conjunction with Master Chemical’s trademark coolant management
strategies, these products provide optimum productivity and significant
operating cost reduction.

To provide greater capacity for this work the company recently moved to new
premises that include a laboratory that is three times bigger than its

Master Chemical Europe is now responsible for supporting an ever-expanding
distributor network, extending from Portugal in the south to Russia and
Scandinavia in the north and east.

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