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Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente has announced that it has achieved the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protective Measure certificate and the Dry Pack Packing System certificate.

The ESD Protective Measure certification ensures Rutronik’s customers will not receive any components damaged in advance by electrostatic discharge.

The Dry Pack Packaging System certificate confirms that Rutronik repackages all moisture-sensitive components solely in accordance with internationally approved standards (J-STD 033B.1, J-STD 020D and JEP 113-B).

Electrostatic fields can cause damage to electronic components.

They are either immediately destroyed or they malfunction at the end user when operated.

To prevent this from happening, the electrostatic charge must always lie below the specified limit during component production, packaging and processing.

Although this also applies for packaged goods, the components are particularly endangered during the sorting process.

Rutronik’s existing ESD floors, table and protective clothing have been added to by special ESD protective zones that comply with the stringent certification guidelines.

This enables the distributor to rule out any advanced damage to the components through electrostatic discharge.

Certification was recently conducted in accordance with the stringent DIN EN 61340-5-1 guidelines by an accredited ESD auditor, who measured the entire stores area for ESD and checked for conformity with the standard.

The Dry Pack certificate confirms that Rutronik always handles moisture-sensitive components when shipping them or when repacking them in accordance with the stringent Dry Pack specifications.

When components are shipped in their original packaging, Rutronik checks beforehand that the packaging is fully intact.

If the components are sorted and shipped to customers in individual and smaller packaging units, Rutronik handles the sensitive components strictly in accordance with the JEDEC Dry Pack Handling specifications.

In other words, the goods are repacked solely by skilled personnel under defined conditions.

In addition to this, four independent measuring stations in the stores ensure that the limit values of 30C and 60 per cent relative air humidity are not exceeded.

This is because several electronic components react very sensitively to moisture, for example, plastic-coated silicon chips.

If the plastic absorbs water from air humidity, this then evaporates during the soldering process whereupon the component then bursts (the popcorn effect) and is no longer usable.

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