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Inmoco has extended its high-performance servo motor range into hygienic processing environments, with the introduction of Cleveland Motion Controls’ S-Series stainless-steel servo motors.

The energy-efficient S-Series is designed specifically for sterile or high-pressure wash-down environments found in food processing, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

The design of the new motors follows extensive research by CMC; the company has worked closely with key customers and engineers in hygienic industries to develop and introduce the 300-Series stainless-steel housings and other external components to ensure maximum protection (full IP 67 compliance with associated shaft seals for food-grade application) and corrosion resistance for sterile and wash-down applications.

The S-Series units are compact motors that incorporate CMC’s MDM high-energy brushless servo technology.

Manufactured in standard metric frame sizes, the motors are designed to deliver the industry’s highest available torque density, with stall torque of 35 to 40 per cent more than conventional designs.

This is realised due to a design that integrates cut-core, segmented stator lamination technology in a high-efficiency heat-transfer capsule, with high slot-fill windings and a high-flux neodymium magnet array.

In addition to their performance features, the S-Series servo motors are easy to install: they feature strain-relieved cables with stripped ends – ready to install connectors of the user’s choice.

Feedback options are also straightforward, with optional encoder line counts up to 5,000ppr available for all configurations, as well as optional resolver feedback on all configurations.

Thermostats on the motor windings are a standard feature on the S-Series motors, and a standard motor-brake is also available across the entire product line.

In addition, as an added benefit, customised mounting and shaft options are available for all supported configurations.

Last but not least, the S-Series units offer users and OEMs the benefit of complete conformance to UL/CUL and CE standards across the entire product line.

In support of the S-Series range, easy-to-access and easy-to-use cross-reference tables, outline drawings and torque-speed curves can be viewed online.

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