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SDS is to introduce the capabilities of its S2360 motherboard at the 2009 Embedded Systems Conference and Expo in Boston, US.

Based on a mini-ITX form factor, the SDS S2360 motherboard features socket S1G3 equipped with mobile AMD processors.

The S2360 card is based on a printed circuit board (PCB) with a greater thickness than what is normally found on this type of product and uses exclusively ‘solid-state’ capacitors for its critical functions.

Designed to operate without a fan, the SDS card consumes less than 35W on average in its basic configuration, is designed or applications requiring low power consumption and high-performance processing.

Equipped with high-end 3D, the S2360 is targeted to internet, multimedia and high-definition applications as it can also decode Blu-ray.

With the integrated MXM connector, graphic cards can be added, allowing the S2360 to support applications such as video games.

SDS said the second novelty of the S2360 resides on the add-on daughter card on the S2360, offering IPMI technologies based on the ATS2050 chip.

This technology allows remote management of servers and monitoring the health of various components of the system (for example, temperature).

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