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Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) and the Linde Group have announced the first commercialisation of Linear Alpha Olefins (LAO), using a-Sablin technology.

A-Sablin technology was developed jointly by SABIC and Linde.

The manufacturing process uses ethylene as a feedstock for a one-stage homogeneous reaction that produces a full range of high-purity LAOs.

LAOs have a variety of applications, such as light-cut production of butene-1, hexene-1 and octene-1 used in the polyethylene market.

Medium cuts such as decene-1, dodecene-1 and tetradecene-1 are used for synthetic oils, detergents and shampoos.

Heavy cuts are used in lube oil additives, surfactants, oil-field chemicals and wax product applications.

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