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A Sabien M2G patented boiler load optimiser is delivering significant energy savings with fast paybacks in a range of projects.

For instance, sites operated by Communities and Local Government (CLG) achieved an average saving of 12 per cent, with a projected payback of a year and a half and anticipated reductions in CO2 emissions of 84 tonnes per annum.

The M2G interfaced with the existing building management systems.

Carmen Boscolo, MITIE’s sustainability manager for CLG, said: ‘Once we collated data from the asset log and provided contact details for facilities managers on each site, Sabien took care of all of the logistics.’ FM provider Serco installed an M2G system at its own headquarters to address dry cycling – something that building energy management systems do not typically address.

Complementing the operation of the BEMS, the M2G system delivered energy savings of 12 per cent, providing a payback in 68 weeks.

Alan Taylor, Serco’s technical manager for government-integrated services, said: ‘Many people think a BEMS can control every aspect of a boiler’s operation, but this is not the case.

‘The M2G interfaced very smoothly with our BEMS and the two systems now complement each other to maximise energy savings,’ he added.

As a result, Serco is now offering the M2G to its clients.

M2G is a boiler optimiser retrofitted to commercial boilers regardless of age and size.

It specifically removes dry cycling – a common problem found in most boiler houses.

Dry cycling occurs when boilers stand idle, losing more than five per cent of their heat to the surroundings, thus acting as a giant radiator.

The boiler will fire unnecessarily to overcome these temperature losses and will not contribute to the building’s heating demand, wasting energy in the process.

The M2G system eliminates dry cycling by analysing the boilers’ firing patterns, measuring and analysing both the return and flow temperatures every 10 seconds.

The system identifies the dry cycling and prevents the boiler from firing unnecessarily.

Any changes to the boiler’s set point via other controls will be picked up by the M2G, resulting in no impact to the building’s ambient temperatures.

Sabien’s M2G enables significant energy and CO2 emission reductions to be achieved across multi-site estates and this is combined with end-to-end nationwide project management and estate-wide installations.

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