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Mix engineer Richard Barling used a Sadie LRX2 location audio workstation on a recent three-week Friendly Fires tour of the US.

‘I used it to both multitrack record the shows and ‘virtual soundcheck’ at soundcheck time.

‘We ran 28 channels from stage, four lines of music and intro at FOH and two audience mics.

‘In total, we recorded 36 channels every night via the two fibre-optic MADI cables linked to a Soundcraft Vi6 local rack with MADI outs and one wordclock cable,’ Barling said.

He used the Sadie MTR software to capture and play the audio back into every channel on the Vi6, as if the band were performing on stage.

‘The audio comes back into the desk in exactly the same gain level.

‘MTR saved the files neatly onto an external hard drive as broadcast wav files so I could import them into Pro Tools ready for mixing on the tour bus with headphones,’ he said.

Sadie’s LRX2 location audio workstation is a multi-channel recorder and editor, capable of recording and editing up to 64 channels through a MADI interface, or 48 channels using a choice of digital and/or analogue input/output cards.

It runs on a standard USB2-enabled laptop/desktop PC, running Windows XP Home or Professional.

The LRX2 comes complete with the full version of Sadie 5 software and simplified MTR package, providing a simplified, flexible and intuitive user interface for recording and editing on location.

‘I also liked the fact that I could use a bog-standard laptop to control the unit as most of the processing is done within the LRX2 and audio saved onto a normal external hard drive,’ Barling added.

Prism Sound has been supplying successful high quality analogue and digital audio test solutions for 23 years. The solutions we provide incorporate the highest performing audio test products available, backed up by support and applications engineering services recognised as the best in the industry.

When choosing who to use to address your audio testing needs, you will be looking for a company that knows how to solve your testing requirements, and who can provide a cost effective, reliable and high performance solution. Our solutions cater for all stages from product design right through to the production line testing, in the following applications and beyond:

  • Power amplifiers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Microphones
  • Media players
  • Broadcast infrastructure
  • Car audio
  • Set top boxes
  • Telephony
  • Professional audio system

    Prism Sound’s audio test and measurement range includes the highly acclaimed dScope Series III and DSA-1 audio analyzers, which are the most powerful audio test solutions available in their classes. The portable, hand-held DSA-1 has become the industry standard for debugging digital audio broadcast systems, and the dScope Series III has established a reputation for being the world’s most innovative and comprehensive audio test platform.

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