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Saelig Company has launched uCAM (microCAM), an integrated, compact serial camera module.

It can be attached to any host system requiring an economical video camera or JPEG-compressed still camera for embedded-imaging applications.

The module uses an Omnivision CMOS VGA colour sensor matched with a JPEG compression chip to provide a low-power camera system.

uCAM has an onboard serial interface (RS232 or TTL versions available) suitable for a direct connection to any host PC system with a COMport or a controller with available serial I/O lines.

uCAM comes in a compact form factor (32 x 32 x 25mm) with built-in lens and a four-wire connector for power and serial data.

Simple serial protocol commands instruct the camera to send low-resolution (160 x 120 or 80 x 60) single-frame raw images for a quick viewing, or high-resolution (640 x 480 or 320 x 240) JPEG images for viewing and storage.

Serial transfer rate is up to 115.2Kbps for transferring JPEG still pictures or 160 x 128 preview images at 0.75fps.

The Omnivision processing sensor provides built-in colour conversion for two-bit grey, four-bit grey, eight-bit grey, 12-bit RGB, 16-bit RGB or standard JPEG preview images.

uCAM is available in two models, each of which offer alternative versions of its serial interface.

The uCAM-TTL has 3.3V serial TTL levels that can be directly interfaced to a microcontroller and the uCAM-232 has a RS-232 5V transceiver that can be interfaced to any host system COM port.

Current consumption is under 65mA.

Applications include general-purpose embedded imaging and control, security and access control systems, elevator and remote monitoring, robotics and vision, object detection, industrial control, automotive and medical instrumentation.

Saelig Company, Inc. is a North American technical distributor for more than 100 manufacturers from all over the world. Founded in 1988 by Alan Lowne, Saelig has earned a growing reputation for finding, sourcing, and supporting unique, easy-to-use, value-priced control and instrumentation products. “Saelig” is an Olde English word which means “happy, prosperous, blessed”. We sell and support a wide range of electronic control and instrumentation equipment and components to customers ranging from Fortune 500 industrial users, military, educational institutions and hospitals to individual end-users. Our sales and distribution center is located in Pittsford, NY USA.

Mission: Saelig’s mission is to find, and successfully promote, unique OEM electronics products sourced from around the world, so that our customers, suppliers, and staff will be “happy, prosperous, and blessed”.

Product range: Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, signal generators, DMMs, AWGs, PSUs, dataloggers, wireless modules, vehicle diagnostics, embedded controllers, I2C, USB, touch-panel PCs, WiFi, Bluetooth, RS2323/422/485 converters, bus analyzers, motors and controllers, etc.

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