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Safan will use the Manufacturing Technology Scotland Show to introduce its latest drive system for E-Brake press brakes.

The company said that its servo-driven beam delivers advantages over conventional hydraulic versions, citing a 30 per cent reduction in cycle times and a 50 per cent reduction in running costs.

The electronic drive operates on the pulley principle and results in an even distribution of bending forces.

According to Safan, the end result is that in 98 per cent of cases no crowning table is required.

Machines are available in widths up to 4,000mm and maximum beam load of 200 tonnes.

Safan’s M-Shear range will also be represented at the show, which includes a combination of electrical and hydraulic power to the cutting beam.

Features that can be specified include programmable starting position for the cutting beam and touch-screen selection of the cutting programs.

Automation features high on the Safan agenda, both machines displayed at the upcoming show can incorporate not only robot loading and unloading of individual machines, but also the complete routing of the sheet metal through a manufacturing cell.

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