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Safety clamps can only be released when the wing nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diameter of the gate bolt to swing and pass through the sectioned gate.

Axium Process has added a 316 stainless steel safety clamp closure that cannot be knocked or accidentally opened to its range of hygienic stainless steel Pure-Screen filters thus enhancing plant safety.

The new safety clamps, which can be easily identified by their red coated coloured wing-nuts, can only be released when the wing nut has been significantly loosened to enable the smaller diameter of the gate bolt to swing and pass through the sectioned gate.

Axium’s range of Pure-Screen filters, which are of a particularly robust design and manufactured in 316L stainless steel, are suitable for temperature sensitive applications such as chocolate production, for critical applications where filter failure or collapse is not an option and for applications where product smoothness and consistency are essential.

Available in a 4in body design as standard, the element to body seal has been designed as metal to metal which can be removed without sticking, and is designed for hygienic applications where the use of rubber O-rings could present a risk to a process or product.

Standard filter options include a 90-degree, inline or straight-through design as well as the Pure-Screen compact filter which is designed for use in confined areas or where flow rates are low.

Axium Process offers a specialist fabrication service and filters can be fabricated to customer specification including jacketed, duplex or multiplex options as well as a high capacity 6in body design.

Axium Process is a specialist stainless steel system fabricator supplying custom built process equipment, components, fittings and filtration equipment to companies throughout the hygienic industries both in the UK and overseas.

Designing in accordance with ASME-BPE2002 principles, our emphasis is on best practice hygienic engineering. Capabilities range from specialist high end pharmaceutical adaptors and custom fabrications to fully integrated process plant and equipment including membrane filtration plants utilising microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.
Investment in the very latest technologies, training, systems and procedures enables us to meet the stringent standards set by pharmaceutical and biotech companies for hygienic design, manufacturing quality, surface finish, testing and certification.

  • Dual coded welders to ASME IX & BS EN 287
  • Manual and orbital welding facilities
  • Weld maps, logs, welder qualifications and weld procedures available
  • In-house machining, fabrication and polishing capabilities
  • Full materials certification including surface finishes to 0.10mm Ra
  • Boroscope viewing & video facilities
  • Mechanical or electrochemical marking available
  • Dye penetrant facilitie/pressure testing to 80 Bar
  • Passivation (nitric or citric acid options) & ferroxyl testing available

To complement our fabrication services we stock a comprehensive range of hygienic stainless steel fittings and components, including filters, manways, sprayballs, valves, sightglasses and tank ferrules.

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