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The RVK58S safety sine/cosine rotary encoder from Pepperl and Fuchs Drehgeber is suitable for general-purpose use in a variety of drive solutions.

It fulfils the safety requirements specified in the current version of the 2006/42/EC machinery directive.

According to the company, the encoder plays a key role in the development of safe drive solutions.

This high-resolution encoder, packaged in a 58mm housing, has 1,024 increments per revolution and features a functional safety concept, along with an absolute position track as an extra feature.

Signal conditioning is handled by a special application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), which also looks after internal diagnostics.

Faults on the incremental encoder disc or errors in the signal path can be detected reliably by using the formula sin(x) + cos(x) = 1 to evaluate the incremental sine and cosine signals from the encoder, which are offset by 90deg.

The supply voltage, temperature, LED drive and calibration data checks are also monitored.

If a violation occurs, the encoder electronics put the outputs in a high-impedance state so that the controller can detect the malfunction immediately by means of its open-circuit detection function.

With this feature, the new rotary encoder simplifies the development of safe machines and eliminates the need for the redundant sensor component approach used in conventional concepts.

The sine/cosine rotary encoder is already certified, and certification of the additional absolute position track is currently under way at TUV.

After this certification is issued, the device will be approved for use in drive products that fulfil safety requirements up to SIL3/PLe using only one encoder.

In addition to the high-resolution incremental tracks, the rotary encoder has a sine/cosine absolute position track with exactly one cycle per revolution.

It provides information on the actual position of the rotor in the motor.

This information is needed for purposes such as the start-up commutation of synchronous motors.

The absolute position is output as a digitised signal with 13-bit resolution using either the Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI) or Bidirectional Synchronous Serial (BiSS) interface protocol.

With the combination of the sine/cosine interface, SSI and BiSS, the encoder utilises existing communication paths and eliminates the need for proprietary safety protocols.

In combination with a suitably certified controller, the safety rotary encoder from Pepperl and Fuchs enables single-encoder solutions, eliminating the need to integrate a second encoder to fulfil more stringent safety requirements.

However, a prerequisite for this is that both sensor channels are always connected to the controller.

With this system configuration, classification at a higher ISO 13849 performance level (PL e) or IEC 62061 safety integrity level (SIL 3) is straightforward.

All motor activities are carried out and monitored reliably, enabling the implementation of typical speed-based safety functions such as safe limited speed, safe speed monitoring, safe standstill monitoring, safe rotation direction and safe acceleration/deceleration.

The safety functions allow conventional mechanical safety devices, which are subject to wear, to be replaced by software functions in many applications.

For example, in high-bay warehouses, the expensive hydraulic end-stop buffers at the ends of the storage and retrieval machine guideways can be entirely eliminated.

In addition, less empty space is needed and the vehicles can be made lighter thanks to lower braking deceleration.

In combination with a suitable safety control unit installed either locally or in the drive controller, the RVK58S monitors compliance with the specified braking ramp (safety limited deceleration) as well as the speed of travel (safe limited speed) of the storage and retrieval machine.

If any of the configured limits are exceeded, the system is either braked with the aid of the drive or, in case of total drive failure, a mechanical brake in the vehicle is applied.

Machine operators are most likely to be injured during start-up, setup and servicing, since these activities are usually performed directly in the hazard area.

The safety rotary encoder enables the implementation of extended safety functions that allow these activities to be managed safely with minimal effort.

Thanks to the integrated absolute position track, the encoder is suitable for general-purpose use in a variety of drive solutions, regardless of whether they are based on synchronous or asynchronous motors.

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