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Personal protective equipment provider Sperian Protection has launched the SP1000 range of safety eyewear designed for use in particularly demanding environments such as mining and construction.

The SP1000 safety eyewear has an ergonomic design, which is said to provide users with optimum comfort and protection in any environment.

The eyewear combines a contemporary, sleek design with a comfortable fit all day long.

It protects workers against sun, wind, dust and debris, minimising the risks associated with activities such as grinding, chipping, cutting and sanding.

SP1000 eyewear is highly adjustable and can be worn with temples or a headband as required.

The nose-pads adjust to a variety of facial profiles and reduce slippage, providing all-day comfort.

Padded temple tips prevent friction behind the ears, while the fire-retardant headband moulds to the shape of the head.

Pauline Barrere, marketing communications manager EMEA at Sperian, said that the safety eyewear is designed for optimum performance in work environments where users are constantly exposed to flying debris, dust and particles.

This makes it suitable for use in sectors such as construction, mining, petrochemicals, utilities and other heavy industry.

The lenses of the SP1000 safety eyewear benefit from Dura-streme technology, which enables a specific coating to be applied to each side: anti-fog on the interior and anti-scratch on the exterior.

These high-performance coatings make for greater durability and a longer lens life.

The lenses come in three colours: clear, HDL yellow and TSR grey.

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