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Safety relays in the Eaton Moeller ESR5 range simplify the design and implementation of control systems that meet safety and reliability standards.

Available in versions to suit all popular safety applications, the relays can be used in systems that are compliant with EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e, IEC 62061 up to SILCL 3 and IEC 61508 up to SIL 3.

Their ability to meet this range of standards, together with approvals from TuV, UL/CLA and CSA means that the relays can be used virtually anywhere, making them particularly suitable for companies that are active in export markets.

ESR5-NO safety relays are designed for continuous monitoring of emergency stop, safety doors and similar circuits.

Offering reliable detection of control circuit problems that include short circuits, open circuits and earth faults, these relays are available in single- and dual-channel versions.

Also available is the ESR5-NV, a relay that provides similar functionality to the ESR5-NO units but adds a user-adjustable off delay.

It is suitable for use in applications where a machine must complete a shutdown sequence before being brought to a complete stop.

ESR5-NV relays can also be used for processing signals from the output-signal switching devices (OSSDs) of light curtains.

For use with presses, shears, punching machines and similar equipment with a high potential for injury, Eaton’s Moeller Business is offering the ESR5-NZ dual-channel safety relay, which can be used as the basis for two-hand monitoring systems that meet the safety requirements of category IIIC to EN574.

All of the safety relays in the ESR5 range provide a minimum of two enabling paths and, where additional enabling paths are needed, all can be used in conjunction with expansion modules.

The relays feature compact construction to minimise space requirements in the control panel and they have plug-in screw terminals that speed installation and commissioning.

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