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Saft has completed an investment in its Tel.X nickel-based product range designed specifically for telecom networks applications.

The investment programme just completed is a new USD9m (GBP6m) production line at its US manufacturing facility in Valdosta, Georgia.

The Tel.X battery range is designed to deliver reliable back-up power for the growing number of decentralised facilities, supporting fixed, wireless, cable and mobile networks, which are in remote or demanding outdoor locations.

The manufacturing line will enable Saft to expand its customer base in a market where performance, reliability and low TCO (total cost of ownership) are crucial.

Its focus is on providing a high-quality, maintenance-free battery solution for applications subjected to extreme temperatures as well as high levels of humidity.

With an extended range of capacities, smaller batteries and long service life, the Tel.X batteries are suitable for the majority of telecom network applications.

Saft said its Tel.X battery offers advantages for demanding outdoor telecom applications in remote areas.

It is maintenance free, light and easy to install – around 15 minutes for a 48V battery.

Tel.X has a long service life, over 20 years in normal temperatures and more than 14 years at +40C.

In many cases the battery can be expected to outlive other parts of the installation, during which time, under normal operating conditions, it will not need topping up with water.

The battery also offers high-volume energy density, of up to 100Wh/L while weighing around 30 per cent less than a conventional battery.

Tel.X is suitable for back-up power applications in outdoor installations, such as cabinets and end terminals in fibre-optic triple-play networks as well as BTS (base transceiver station) and BSC (base station controller) installations in wireless networks.

Saft’s Tel.X batteries are available in a wide range of capacities and are being tested by a number of customers around the world.

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