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Saft lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology is providing the energy storage for ABB’s new SVC Light concept.

This concept will be a key element in the creation of a smart grid and the Li-ion battery technology is said to be essential to handle significantly increased levels of renewable generation.

The SVC Light with Energy Storage will alleviate many of the concerns related to the addition of wind power and solar energy generation to existing grids by helping to level out intermittent production and support demand response, according to Saft.

ABB is targeting the SVC Light with Energy Storage concept at industrial-, distribution- and transmission-level energy storage applications.

It is said to offer a fully integrated, cost-effective and environmentally attractive solution for installations that require the continuous voltage control and frequency regulation essential for grid stability combined with short-term power support to cover load or supply variations.

The SVC Light with Energy Storage will store power from renewable energy sources and surplus power from the grid in its Saft Li-ion battery system.

At times when the level of renewable power available falls, such as when the wind drops or photovoltaic panels are obscured by cloud, or whenever a peak in power consumption occurs, the system will inject the power required to provide controlled ramping and to maintain a stable grid.

The use of Saft’s modular Li-ion battery technology makes the concept’s ability to store energy highly scalable.

Currently, rated power and capacity are typically in the range of 20MW for minutes to tens of minutes.

However, up to 50MW for 60 minutes and beyond is possible.

Saft modular Li-ion battery technology offers a number of features for the SVC Light with Energy Storage concept.

These include a cycling capability of 3,000 to 5,000 cycles at 80 per cent depth of discharge, as well as a long calendar life and a self-diagnostic design.

It also offers high energy density, millisecond-level response time and a high power capability – both in charge and discharge.

Saft’s Li-ion technology provides precise information on the battery’s state of charge, which is said to be a vital function in a dynamically operating energy storage system.

A series of battery modules provides the necessary rated DC voltage and storage capacity for each installation.

Paralleling within the battery provides a high level of fault tolerance and ensures system availability.

In addition to the development and supply of the battery system, Saft is collaborating with ABB in the qualification and field testing of the SVC Light with Energy Storage system.

The first trial installation is already under way in part of the UK distribution grid.

When it is commissioned later in 2010, it will demonstrate the concept’s capability under a variety of network conditions, including operation with nearby wind generation.

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