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Saft is demonstrating advanced battery technologies for the telecommunications market at Vietnam Comm 09.

Visitors to Stand J09 in Booth 1 can see a number of Saft battery technologies that can help telecom operators and original equipment manufacturers to sustain growth by ensuring continuity of service for their fixed, wireless, cable or cell networks, should the main power supply be interrupted.

Three main ranges of batteries for telecom backup power applications are on display: Tel.X Ni-Cd for outside plant; Ni-Cd for hybrid power; and Intensium 1 Power Plus lithium-ion (Li-ion) for specialised high-technology applications.

The company developed its Tel.X Ni-Cd battery to ensure a long service life in both wireline and wireless backup power applications, especially in the high cabinet temperatures (more than +40C) encountered in outdoor plant in hotter regions of the world such as the US, the Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Tel.X is suitable for the telecom infrastructure deployed in industrialised countries such as cabinets and end terminals in fibre-optic ‘triple-play’ networks as well as base transceiver station (BTS) and base station controller (BSC) installations.

In contrast to lead-acid batteries, which can suffer from sudden death, Tel.X features a high-integrity, non-corroding mechanical construction that ensures maximum reliability and a long, predictable service life.

Saft Ni-Cd batteries are adapted for hybrid telecom installations, especially in developing areas of the world, that rely on various methods of generation, such as PV, wind power and diesel generators used in combination to power telecom networks.

Their key feature is chargeability, which enables efficient operation under fluctuating charging conditions.

They also offer a good cycling capability to withstand daily and seasonal cycling at variable depths of discharge and states of charge.

The company’s Intensium 1 Power Plus telecom range of Li-ion batteries is aimed at the new generation of specialised high-technology telecom applications, now being introduced in industrialised countries, that demand reliable, short-duration, high-power backup, such as wireless micro- and medium-sized BTS installations as well as fuel-cell starting.

In addition to their compact, zero-maintenance design, Intensium 1 Power Plus batteries ensure a long service life at high temperatures (10 years at +40C), so they are suitable for installations that are intended to reduce energy consumption and system complexity by replacing air-conditioning systems with passive cooling.

The compact, lightweight design of all Saft telecom batteries offers the capability to increase the useable installed capacity in the space available, so that outside plant footprints can be utilised more efficiently, according to the company.

This also makes them easier to transport, handle and install.

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