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B and W Electronic Systems has used Saft’s high-energy Intensium 3 rack-mount Li-ion battery system to create a passively cooled outdoor cabinet that delivers increased reliability.

EADS Defence and Security is currently deploying the B and W outdoor BTS (base station transceiver) cabinets in a project to expand the Tetrapol digital radio communication network used by security forces in Latin America.

‘The elevated temperatures inside the cabinet, combined with daily cycling, are a real challenge for battery life, especially in Latin America where they can reach +50C,’ said Dirk Weniger, business unit manager for telecom products at B and W Electronic Systems.

‘We found Saft’s Li-ion batteries to be capable of delivering a long service life in these conditions, with the added benefit of high energy density and being maintenance free,’ he added.

The B and W advanced outdoor cabinet has a number of important features including: the use of a solar panel to supply additional power that reduces the site’s overall power consumption; Li-ion batteries that allow higher operating temperatures combined with high cycling capability; sophisticated adaptive power management; and passive cooling that eliminates the need for air conditioning or heat exchangers.

These all result in a container that requires up to 85 per cent less power than a conventional container design.

The BTS cabinet incorporates a rectifier to convert the AC power from the mains supply to the DC power required for the operation of the base station and other embedded equipment.

Should the AC supply be interrupted, the 48V battery provides backup power to maintain continuity of operation for a few hours – sufficient to allow bridging to an alternative supply or for controlled shutdown.

Saft’s Intensium 3 high-energy 3U rack-mount Li-ion battery system is designed specifically to provide power backup for remote or outside telecom plant.

The company said that the system is maintenance free and offers fast recharging and high energy efficiency as well as a long service life at elevated temperatures – 10 years at a constant +40C.

The 48V Intensium 3 battery systems have a typical capacity of 45Ah and provide 2,300Wh energy in a 19in plug-in module that weighs 24kg.

Saft supplied a number of trial battery systems to B and W in 2008 and is now making volume shipments as EADS Defence and Security rolls out the new outdoor cabinets through Latin America.

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