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Saft has won an order from Bharat Electronics (BEL) to supply its MP series rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

The contract covers an immediate requirement for Li-ion batteries both for new radios and for replacement batteries for radios already deployed in the field.

Under the terms of the contract, Saft will supply MP series to BEL, including MP 176065 (nominal capacity 6.8Ah) and MP 174865 (nominal capacity 5.3Ah) batteries together with MP 174565 Integration batteries (nominal capacity 4.8Ah) for a new version of the radio that requires a compact lightweight battery pack with a total capacity of 8Ah.

Saft MP series Li-ion cells are said to be maintenance free and hermetically sealed at temperatures up to +75C.

In addition to the electronic protection circuits that monitor individual cells within battery packs, the MP cells have safety features such as: built-in circuit breaker to enable the fast, automatic disconnection of cells from faulty chargers; safety vent that operates when cell internal pressure exceeds eight bar; and a shut-down separator with pores that automatically close in the event of elevated temperatures.

Saft has designed the MP cells to withstand the most common field abuses, such as mechanical shock and vibration, as well as external short-circuit, crushing, nail piercing and so on.

Saft’s MP 174565 Integration cell is engineered specifically for integration within the vast array of rechargeable battery packs required by modern military applications.

Its shape, terminals and safety features allow either parallel or series connection, while minimising pack assembly costs and increasing reliability because cell-to-cell wiring is reduced or, for many applications, eliminated completely.

Electronic protection circuits provide monitoring of the health of individual cells within battery packs.

The MP 174565 Integration cell features an aluminium casing, rather than the stainless-steel casing employed in the regular MP cell.

This helps reduce weight and increase energy density to 175Wh/kg and 423Wh/l.

Saft Lithium Battery Division

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