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Saft is supplying its specialised nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries for self-contained solar-powered information displays being installed at railway stations across Germany.

These displays are being installed by AEG Gesellschaft fur moderne Informationssysteme mbH (AEG MIS).

The AEG MIS information points (or steles) use cholesteric liquid crystal display (ChLCD) technology, which requires no power to display information; power is only required to update the display.

ChLCDs are reflective display systems, made visible by reflection of the incident ambient light.

Information is readable under all light conditions, with no need for backlighting.

The new information points are initially being installed at 25 locations in Germany.

They are used, for example, to provide up-to-date train information to passengers at unmanned railway stations, both through the built-in display and through an intercom connection to a central control centre.

The self-contained, self-sufficient information displays can be installed in locations without mains power.

The combination of a solar panel and a 12V rechargeable battery ensures that the system can keep running for up to two weeks without sun.

Alexander Stumpp, the project manager responsible for the development of the photovoltaic product line at AEG MIS, said: ‘We selected Saft’s technology for its superior performance over lead-acid designs, especially across the wide temperature ranges experienced around Germany and central Europe generally.’ Ni-Cd batteries are designed specifically for renewable energy applications.

Their key feature is excellent chargeability, which is claimed to enable highly efficient operation under fluctuating charging conditions.

They also offer good cycling capability to withstand daily and seasonal cycling at variable depths of discharge and state of charge.

An additional benefit of the design is that it provides absolute reliability and the capability to function in extreme temperatures (from -50C to +70C) while ensuring continuous operation at any state of charge.

For AEG MIS, Saft is supplying a 12V battery comprising 10 45 cells, with a nominal capacity of 45Ah.

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