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Saft is highlighting its range of battery systems that meet any current rail application, as well as technology to meet specific and developing applications, at Innotrans 2010.

The company said it is focusing on its solutions for auxiliary backup, diesel starting and hybrid traction at the event.

Saft has developed a complete portfolio of high-technology rail batteries that provide a reliable backup power source for internal lighting, onboard computers, data and communications systems, ventilation and door opening functions, as well as the safety-critical demands of electromagnetic braking applications.

The latest addition to the Saft rail portfolio is the MSX range, which delivers high power to ensure the continuity of onboard systems on modern electric tram-trains, trams, metro, electrical multiple units (EMUs) and high-speed trains.

For rail applications where high energy is the most important factor, Saft offers its MRX range.

Both the MSX and MRX batteries combine high reliability with low weight and low maintenance, and can be supplied as fully-integrated, custom-built systems delivered in ready-to-install battery rafts.

Saft is also introducing its NHM-Rail nickel-metal hydride battery developed for targeted applications where space and weight savings are critical.

Reliable engine starting performance is an increasingly important issue as operators look for multiple start ability on their trains, so that engines can be stopped during breaks in daily operation to save fuel and reduce noise and gas emissions.

Saft MSX batteries are suitable for this type of high cycling duty, which can reduce the service life of lead-acid batteries.

They deliver high power to ensure instant starting of diesel engines and locomotives, particularly at low temperatures.

Innotrans will also allow Saft to introduce its SNC (Saft Nickel Capacitor), which is a very high-power, asymmetric, nickel-based capacitor.

Combined with a conventional battery, this product gives very high starting reliability even at very low temperatures, according to Saft.

This solution is used in bus, military vehicle and heavy truck starting applications.

Saft’s NHP Ni-MH battery systems offer power storage in a compact, weight-saving, maintenance-free package that is suitable for hybrid rail applications.

A key application is as a source of traction power for trams as they switch between overhead catenaries and on-board power for unpowered section operation – for example, as they cross inner-city areas without overhead cables.

As well as providing autonomous operation over distances of around 800m, the battery systems are also compact enough for installation in the vehicle roof.

Saft is also presenting its Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery technology that offers potential for the next generation of railway systems, especially in applications requiring efficient energy storage, such as regenerative braking.

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