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Saft has won an order from the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for BA 5590 primary lithium military battery packs, to be delivered between October and December 2009.

The BA 5590 battery packs are designed to power various military radio communication devices and other vital systems, such as battlefield surveillance and night sights.

The packs comprise 10 Saft LO 26 SX cells, housed in a robust plastic case and connected in two groups of five cells in series, providing two nominal 12V sections at the connector with a capacity of 15Ah.

These sections can be connected in series for 24V, in parallel for 12V, or used as two separate 12V units.

‘Availability of reliable high-performance batteries is now a key tactical consideration for today’s high-tech military forces,’ said Thomas Alcide, general manager of Saft’s Specialty Battery Group.

‘This latest contract for the MoD is an illustration of Saft’s proven fast response capability to deliver specialised military batteries within a very short time frame,’ he added.

Key protection features on the BA 5590 battery packs include: a non-replaceable fuse in the negative leg of each group of cells; a high-temperature switch or thermal fuse to protect against overheating; and a diode in the positive leg of each cell group to prevent charging or flow of current into the battery.

The LO 26 SX is a D-size cell from Saft’s range of lithium sulphur dioxide (Li-SO2) batteries capable of operating over a wide range of temperatures from -40C to +71C.

Saft said that these batteries are widely used in military applications and feature spiral construction, non-flammable electrolyte, superior pulse capability, excellent capacity above 1A, superior power at -40C, and the hermetic seal is guaranteed up to +95C.

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