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Saft is launching its MSX series high-power compact battery at Nordic Rail 2009, completing its range of high-technology rail batteries.

The MSX series has been developed to deliver the high-power energy required to ensure safe and reliable backup for modern electric trains such as tram trains, trams, EMUs and high-speed trains, including the safety-critical demands of electromagnetic braking applications.

MSX is also suitable for diesel engine starting applications on locomotives and DMUs.

In a development for the rail industry, the high-capacity range combined with high-power energy enables MSX to provide both energy for back-up applications and high power for starting.

MSX supports discharge over the 5C5 rate to meet the high peaks in power required at the beginning and end of demanding full load back-up profiles for services such as lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, communication, door opening and pantograph operation.

This high-power capability eliminates any need for battery oversizing.

MSX is able to operate over a wide temperature range, from -30C to + 50C, so it will still ensure reliable short duration back up in the coldest winter.

It can also resist extreme temperatures from -50C to + 70C.

An important example where back-up power is a vital safety element is in electromagnetic braking systems for tramways, DMUs and high-speed trains.

Tram trains place a particularly high demand on their onboard batteries as they routinely have to traverse cut-off sections of track as they switch between different supply voltages, and on suburban routes they tend to travel faster than trams, requiring more braking power to slow down.

The high power delivered by the MSX ensures instant starting of diesel engines and locomotives, particularly at low temperatures.

Reliable engine starting performance is becoming an increasingly important factor as operators now look for multiple start ability on their trains, so that engines can be stopped during breaks in daily operation, saving fuel and reducing noise and gas emissions.

MSX can be used for this type of high cycling duty, which can severely reduce the service life of lead-acid batteries.

In addition to engine starting, the MSX can also provide all the vehicle’s electrical back-up power.

Rather than needing separate batteries for starting and backup, designers can now specify a single battery for all onboard electrical requirements.

The MSX provides the low maintenance and long service life of Saft’s sintered/PBE nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) technology within a slim, lightweight block battery package that shows a 30 per cent saving in weight and a 40 per cent saving in volume compared with conventional Ni-Cd rail batteries.

The MSX battery is housed in a tough, flame-retardant plastic container and is available in blocks of up to 10 cells (depending on the capacity), with rated capacities from 70Ah up to 260Ah.

Saft has optimised the MSX battery design for high power and discharge performance at low temperatures, as well as maximum reliability, minimal maintenance – thanks to Saft’s centralised filling system – and thus low TCO (total cost of ownership).

In common with Saft’s MRX range, the MSX block battery concept is adapted for assembly into a raft.

Saft can also supply the MSX as part of a fully integrated turnkey system in bespoke trays or boxes, complete with isolators, fuses and connectors, which is fully vibration and shock tested to the appropriate rail standards.

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