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Sage’s software customisation allows businesses to get the most out of lean manufacturing, something many companies are not doing.

The reasons for this include a lack of clearly defined goals and communication of the vision throughout the organisation, as well as a lack of understanding about what lean manufacturing actually is.

Sage can work with companies to find out: what they should measure; if they are delivering what the customer wants, on time and free of defects; if they are responding immediately to problems and how effectively these are resolved; and methods of increasing value through waste reduction.

Each of these questions poses an information challenge to businesses.

Today’s business-management software packages have a wealth of information-management tools, including traditional report writers, interactive workspaces and portals, graphical trending, RSS feeds and alerting systems.

With timely, accurate and well-presented information, teams can more effectively address the issues in their departments.

These will typically include: overproduction, resulting from sub-optimal rules for batch sizes, aggregation, EOQ policies and re-order levels; and excessive lead times caused by transit between operations, long set-up times and waiting times caused by unbalanced work loads.

Sage can provide the exact system a company needs.

At Sage, we’ve developed business wide solutions in the UK specifically for the UK market for over 20 years and currently provide software and services to 760,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

We live and breathe business every day through our people, business software, services and our partners, we are passionate about helping businesses of all sizes achieve their ambitions by helping them to overcome the day-to-day practicalities of running a business, so that they can do business the way they want to.

Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we constantly innovate. This includes a range of specific manufacturing lead solutions which can be tailored to match your exact industry and deliver key business requirements from the outset. From estimating through to planning, Sage manufacturing software helps you to manage your delivery processes, reduce costs, optimise productivity and production, safe time and ultimately increase revenue.

We want to help your business grow and prosper in 2010 so talk to us today and arrange a completely free demonstration  

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