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Sage has supplied a 16-user Sage 1000 integrated CRM business management system to plastics extrusion company Boomer for its newly expanded production facility.

Following implementation, Boomer has been able to centralise the CRM process, providing a seamless link between sales, customer services, warehousing and other departments.

Boomer claims that its staff’s reaction time, ability to provide accurate information and delivery of quality customer service have all improved dramatically, with information on purchases/orders, accounts and outstanding bills being readily available.

Service levels have increased by making it easier to give accurate, timely information from across the business to customers.

The system also incorporates workflow, so managers can define the process for handling customer queries, for example, and prompt staff to take the correct next step.

‘Late payments were historically an issue for us,’ said Boomer’s financial director, Andrew Wallace.

‘Now, with problems being resolved more promptly, there is no good reason why customers should delay payment at the end of the month,’ he said.

‘Furthermore, I can go into a customer file and log a note to nudge the customer on the next sales visit if there is a delay in payment,’ Wallace added.

Without complex data mapping or advanced reporting skills, users can see at a glance their key priorities, reminders and other critical information requiring their attention, enabling them to investigate the underlying reasons for particular issues.

At Sage, we’ve developed business wide solutions in the UK specifically for the UK market for over 20 years and currently provide software and services to 760,000 small and medium-sized businesses.

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Our range of business software and services is continually evolving as we constantly innovate. This includes a range of specific manufacturing lead solutions which can be tailored to match your exact industry and deliver key business requirements from the outset. From estimating through to planning, Sage manufacturing software helps you to manage your delivery processes, reduce costs, optimise productivity and production, safe time and ultimately increase revenue.

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