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Sandvik Process Systems will use this year’s Achema to highlight how advances in steel-belt based processing have increased applications for this technology in the chemical engineering industry.

Double-belt systems are an extremely efficient process technology that allows several process steps to be completed without interruption.

A typical application is the production of artificial stone sheets for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

The systems can benefit this process by continually preparing and feeding recycled PET, sand and other minerals.

They can also handle several different process phases – heating, reaction, pressing, cooling and confectioning – in one go.

Different products and processes require different features, so every plant is purpose-built to meet the client’s individual requirements.

Other applications for Sandvik’s double-belt technology include the production of base material for the interior cladding of cars, glass fibre reinforced plastics, floor tiles and insulation material for the building industry.

Granulation directly from the melt, a process used by Sandvik’s Rotoform granulation systems, is probably the most widely used steel-belt based process.

The Rotoform range features nine products capable of handling a variety of product types.

They can granulate fine chemicals used by the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, food products (for example chocolate, emulgators and soup concentrate) in installations requiring the highest standards of hygiene.

The HS (high speed) Rotoform enables high performance, environmentally friendly granulation of chemicals.

It is already installed in a number of sulphur solidification and fertiliser-production plants.

There has also been growth in the use of steel-belt freezing plants that make instant coffee.

Sandvik has developed two specialised grades of steel belt.

The 1000SAF grade is a high-alloy duplex stainless steel developed for processes requiring high corrosion resistance.

This makes steel belts made with this grade ideal for situations in which corrosive elements such as organic and inorganic acids, salts, sugar, vinegar and chlorides are present.

The second belt-development is a new austenitic steel grade, Sandvik 750SA.

The special alloy composition of this product makes it ideal for use in processes requiring temperatures of up to 800C, including furnaces and metal-extraction processes.

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