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Parker’s hygienic sanitary gaskets are designed for use in applications where hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance, such as in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The seals are also suitable for use in related industries with special hygienic demands, such as biotechnology and the cosmetics industry, as well as in chemical and process technology and the semiconductor industry.

Their patent-pending design enables the hygienic sanitary gaskets to meet the qualitative and technical demands of applications in hygienically critical process equipment and tube systems.

The nearly flush interface (+/-0.2mm) prevents entrapment of any media within a dead space that can lead to microbial growth and contamination.

In addition, the flush design helps prevent erosion of the elastomeric seal that could contaminate the process stream.

The hygienic sanitary gaskets are made from the Ultrason P (PPSU) plastic material, which exhibits good chemical resistance in aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants, as well as a moulded elastomer part that is available in various EPDM, NBR, VQM and FKM compounds.

Each gasket features a reduced outer bead size that prevents over-fill conditions in the groove and a resulting extrusion into the tube in case of thermal expansion.

This effect is augmented by an extended plastic support that stabilises the seal beads, thereby limiting extrusion into the tube.

The inner seal beads provide the primary point of sealing.

As a result, the new design delivers higher-pressure-supported sealing action than previous designs.

An outer clip aligns the sealing element with the ferrule.

Parker’s hygienic sanitary gasket has been awarded ASME Bio Processing Equipment (BPE) certification and material approvals according to USP Class VI, FDA and NSF.

In extensive testing programmes, involving more than 500 CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (steam in place) cycles, Parker’s hygienic sanitary gasket exhibited high chemical resistance, which particularly qualified the seal for food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

According to Parker Hannifin, hygienic sanitary seals offer cost benefits to users by minimising the effort required for installation.

The ability to hold pressure, for instance, eliminates the need to re-torque the clamp.

The disassembly of the joint and removal of the seal is done by hand and requires no external tools.

Each sanitary gasket has laser-engraved product identification comprised of the respective material codes and relevant manufacturing data.

Thanks to in-house production of the rubber compounds complete traceability through to the raw materials used is ensured.

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