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US sausage manufacturer Slovacek Sausage has installed the Vantage Inventory, Formula Control and Finished Product Tracking Solution from SG Systems to enable FDA traceability.

The system installed provides traceability from receiving ingredients through to the dispatch of labelled finished inventory.

Along the process are five Vantage Touch Screen Terminals connected to weighing platforms and label printers that enable the manufacturing plan to be communicated with the production team.

The system has virtually eliminated paper-based production and traceability records.

The formulae for particular products are entered into the PC Server via the recipe-formulation management software.

The system allows management to enter and determine the exact recipe characteristics, including individual ingredient tolerances and how the products are added.

For instance, recipes may be a mixture of weighed spices and bulky meat-based ingredients – both of which are weighed to tight tolerances to produce a consistent taste and texture.

The system calculates the amounts of individual ingredients needed and downloads the order to the relevant station, with the large screen prompting the operator throughout as each correct amount of ingredient is added.

The system will not allow the operator to continue if the incorrect ingredient is selected or the wrong amount added.

Detailed instructions relating to product characteristics are also flagged up to ensure that adequate HACCP requirements are met.

Once the final product has been cooked and packaged, the finished boxed product is weighed and labelled to ensure weight tolerances are adhered to.

Once the label has been applied, the finished product inventory system is then updated to provide real-time visibility of exactly how many boxes have been produced.

The final piece of software is a customer-sales order-processing system.

This software enables customer-specific orders to be entered into the system and then the orders are sent to the dispatch terminal for the operator to allocate the inventory.

The end result is a system that can trace an ingredient through the manufacturing process to a finished product.

In the event of an ingredient recall, Slovacek can provide its customers with the assurance that it has 100-per-cent visibility of which ingredient has been used, how much and when.

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