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Transmed Foods has selected Savi Networks to provide automated wireless monitoring.

The monitoring is hoped to improve shipment visibility and security while reducing the supply chain costs of sourcing and transporting perishable food products from North Africa to distribution centres throughout the US.

The initial rollout applies to ingredients that Transmed delivers to two of the world’s largest convenience pizza and sandwich restaurant franchises.

The SaviTrak intelligence service, which leverages GPS, cellular, electronic security bolts and sensor technologies, is being implemented in an effort to cut the time Transmed holds safety stock, reduce inventory carrying costs, improve product freshness and enable a more agile, responsive supply chain.

It is anticipated that Transmed will use SaviTrak to monitor container shipments across multiple transportation modes, such as ocean vessels, truck and rail.

SaviTrak also can help expedite the resolution of insurance claims by identifying chain of custody responsibilities in the event of damages or losses of a shipment.

The web-hosted SaviTrak service will enable Transmed to collaborate in near real-time with customers, carriers and terminal operators on the status of their shipments in order to jointly take quick action on unplanned events, such as delays, misroutes or security breaches.

Automated alerts transmit information about events and exceptions.

SaviTrak also reduces manual processes such as faxes, phone calls and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) entries.

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