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As a large industrial sawblade manufacturer, Ernest Bennett relies upon grinding technology from German machine tool manufacturer Vollmer.

Acquired in January 2010, the Vollmer CHD270 is a sharpening machine with eight CNC-controlled axes for automatic face and top machining of TCT blades with various diameters and tooth geometries.

The recent addition has enabled Ernest Bennett to improve its production flow by dedicating the Vollmer CHD270 mainly to servicing repair blades while the two machine robot loaded cell with the CHF270 R1 and the CHD 251 R2 machine is conducting all new saw work.

The new CHD270 incorporates Vollmer’s latest PMC control system, making it a universal machine that has a number of pre-installed grinding programs and a main program that can be utilised at any time to create unique sawblade geometries.

Purchased with the Vollmer ND230 automation cell, the CHD270 can be programmed to machine over 60 individual blades in one set-up.

At Ernest Bennett, the individual blades are stacked in the ND230 cell with a plastic shim protecting each blade.

The machine is then efficiently programmed by an operator that rapidly selects a pre-programmed geometry for each blade.

The CHD270 communicates with the cell to identify the correct program for each blade.

Each saw has an average machining time of 10 to 20min depending upon saw diameter, number of teeth and geometry.

This cell set-up enables Ernest Bennett to run its machines lights-out without operator intervention, creating cost-effective blade manufacture.

This program capability allows the company to produce new blades in batch numbers that suit the production demands.

The Vollmer Group specialises in the processing of tools in respect of both production and services. Its product range embraces the latest sharpening and eroding machines for saw blades and tools used in the metal and wood processing industries.

The Group's headquarters in Biberach, Germany, is the design and development centre for its products. Other production sites are located in Mörlenbach, Germany, and Taicang, China.

With 700 employees in nine branches and 30-plus agencies, the company works closely with customers at local level, thus ensuring the same high standard of consulting and customer care worldwide.

Product Range

  • Machines for precision sharpening of circular saws
  • Tooling industry: high-precision and performance wire EDM and grinding centres for manufacturing cutting tools 
  • Sawmill industry: tensioning, straightening and grinding of bandsaw blades

Company history

  • 1909 — Heinrich Vollmer develops the first patentable saw blade setting and filing machines
  • 1952 — Vollmer develops first machines for carbide-tipped circular saw blades
  • 1979 — subsidiaries open in France, Brazil, UK, Italy, US and Japan
  • 1988 — Vollmer develops erosion machine for diamond-tipped saw-blade machining
  • 1998 — wire erosion machine introduced for the metalworking industry
  • 2006 — Vollmer purchases Loroch GmbH to complete product range for processing of saw blades

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