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The model SBC controller from Sentry Equipment can control every automatic sampler in the Sentry product line and is designed for general-purpose environments.

The model SBC consolidates more than 50 controller designs into one operator-friendly standalone controller.

The out-of-the-box controller simplifies plant operation, offering an intuitive operator interface and featuring both local and remote operating modes.

The model SBC controller is a dedicated logic control system specifically designed for use with Sentry samplers in a general-purpose environment.

Installation requires a few simple connections and the Quick Start screen guides the operator through the steps for set-up.

Local mode allows the operator to obtain a single grab sample or to sample continuously.

Remote mode uses a dry contact interface to start and stop the sampler along with relay outputs for sampler running and alarm status.

Some operators may require more information and remote control of system set points.

In this case, the model SBC supports Modbus Master, CS CAN Master, Allen Bradley DF1, or GE Fanuc SNP communications protocols without additional hardware.

In addition, the menu-driven operator interface allows for quick and efficient access to all system parameters and information.

The LCD screen always displays information on the current system status.

Controller customisation is possible using some of the standard features such as batch sampling, flow proportional sampling, flow-counter-based sampling, and control of the Sentry Indexing Cabinet (model IC).

Customised programming for unique applications is also available.

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