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ETC has provided its Scalewatcher Enigma system to treat various systems using both gas and oil for heating and domestic water in the plant rooms at St Edmund’s School Canterbury.

Temperature data loggers were located at the girls’ dorm installation so that a comparison could be made between old and new cylinders.

The results showed that the cylinders were recovering temperature much more rapidly, even in winter.

The older cylinders achieved an increased temperature of 5C within six months, matching the temperatures of the newer cylinders.

The heat exchangers in the mixed dorm are recovering temperature 60 per cent faster and the maintenance manager is considering switching off the primary during the day, which would reduce the considerable oil consumption.

Records kept by the ETC engineer concluded that, within six months of installation, the two older heat exchangers recovered their heat within three hours, as opposed to 12 previously, and gas consumption has been reduced by at least 25 per cent.

The descaler installed to treat water for the showers in the boys’ dorm had a positive result as the showerheads now require only annual descaling, as opposed to a necessary termly descale.

The effectiveness of the Scalewatcher Enigma units can also be seen in the laundry, where the water softeners to the hot water system have been disconnected with no appreciable problems and consequential savings in salt and re-gen water.

Environmental Treatment Concepts

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