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Builder and plumbing merchant SCandP Jones has implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) software from Solarsoft Business Systems to streamline the production of management reports.

The Solarsoft system also provides SCandP Jones with real-time document management capabilities, which will help drive efficiencies and improve communication with suppliers.

Steve Jones, partner at SCandP Jones, said: ‘In order to ensure our continued success within the market, we recognised that our business would really benefit from implementing a more sophisticated and flexible ERP solution that would enable us to improve our management and financial reporting.

‘Having reviewed various ERP providers, we chose Solarsoft because of its ease of use, low cost of ownership and the increased flexibility that the system would bring to our business.

‘One of the main problems we were facing was that at the end of each month we were spending significant amounts of time preparing all of the necessary administration and reports.

‘This often meant that I was working late on the last day of every month to ensure that the company was ready to trade the next day.

‘Using Solarsoft, the process is far more flexible and accurate compared with when we were doing it manually, and this has resulted in a time saving of around two days a month.

‘This enables us to refocus our resources on other tasks and areas of the business, helping us to improve our profitability and efficiency across the organisation.

‘With Solarsoft, our precision and detail of reporting has significantly improved and it is now far quicker and easier to obtain detailed figures on customers, orders and purchases in a few simple clicks.

‘We are able to get instant and clear-cut figures and many employees, including our accountant, can also securely access business-critical information remotely, something that previously we were unable to do,’ Jones added.

Solarsoft is a Windows-based system and provides users that do not have an IT background with a familiar interface.

The system also allows SCandP Jones to e-mail and fax quotes, purchase orders and invoices, which is said to save time and money as the company was previously sending each item as a printed letter in the post.

Solarsoft Business Systems

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