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The AG4 uses pulses of Class 1 infrared laser light to locate the position of objects in its field of view, protecting personnel by safeguarding stationary and mobile hazards within a designated area.

Simple installation and intuitive configuration software are designed to make the AG4 Safety Laser Scanner a dependable, yet easy-to-apply solution.

The AG4 effectively safeguards irregularly shaped areas not suitable for a standard two- or three-piece safety light screen.

It also provides a replacement for high-maintenance safety mats that are routinely damaged by repetitive operation or adverse environments.

By meeting all requirements for Type 3 per IEC 61496-1/-2, Category 3 PLd per EN ISO 13849-1 and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 per IEC 61508, the AG4 performs in applications including area guarding, access/perimeter guarding and automated guided vehicle (AGV) collision avoidance.

‘The AG4 will provide a solution in any number of stationary applications, but also is an excellent solution for collision avoidance on mobile vehicles such as AGVs, overhead cranes and transfer carts and trolleys,’ said Mike Carlson, safety products marketing manager at Banner Engineering.

The AG4 Safety Laser Scanner operates through the principle of diffuse reflectance (reflected light) to determine an object’s position via range (measured distance) and rotational angle.

Once the AG4 protective and warning fields are configured, the position of the objects within the field of view are evaluated.

If any are within a protective field, a safety stop signal is generated from the scanner.

The AG4 can additionally be configured so that an intrusion in the warning field triggers an auxiliary output.

This may be used to slow a mobile vehicle, flash a light, or initiate other actions to warn an individual who enters this field.

Featuring a 0.36deg lateral resolution, the AG4 reliably detects objects in a zone up to 190deg from its fixed position.

The AG4 provides selectable protection field resolution of 30, 40, 50, 70 and 150mm with ranges up to 6.25m, while its warning field provides coverage of up to 15m.

Advanced configuration capabilities allow operators to configure the AG4 with eight individual protective and warning fields.

Users can quickly switch between configured field pairs, providing the flexibility to effectively protect personnel and equipment in diverse applications.

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