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Hitachi High Technologies has launched the SU8000 range of ultra-high-resolution field-emission scanning electron microscopes (FESEMs) for investigating the fine surface structure of materials in a range of nanotechnology fields.

The SU8000 Series features a common electron optical platform and offers a variety of stages, chambers and signal-detection systems that are designed to meet customer-specific needs for ultra-high-resolution microscopy. 

A high-brightness cold cathode field-emission source is used in combination with the latest generation of Hitachi’s patented super ExB in-lens detection systems for energy filtering, charge suppression and contrast control.

According to Hitachi, all microscopes offer strong imaging performance at low accelerating voltage to minimise sample damage, while enhanced electron-deceleration technology has improved resolution at landing voltages of 1.3nm at 1kV. 

Key specifications

  • Equipped with specimen exchange chambers and lens-integrated liquid-nitrogen traps
  • Entry-level SU8010 has dual (upper and lower) secondary electron detectors with secondary and backscattered electron-signal mixing capabilities
  • Three-axis motorised stage capable of accommodating samples up to 100mm diameter
  • SU8020 uses five-axis motorised stage
  • Uses triple-detector system to extend the capability to collect secondary electrons and low-energy backscattered electrons
  • Allows high-efficiency, simultaneous multi-signal imaging and energy filtering
  • SU8030 features large chamber with large specimen stage for large or multiple samples
  • Can accommodate samples up to 150mm in diameter
  • Triple detector system
  • SU8040 features Regulus stage offering fine specimen stage control and repeatability
  • 24.1in monitor
  • Optional accessories to meet customer-specific needs

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