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Epson has developed a SCARA robot – the RS Spider – that operates beyond the classic ‘kidney-shaped’ SCARA workspace and maximises work envelope usage.

Instead of having to move around a fixed pedestal the RS3 351S has the ability to manoeuvre back under itself without constraint.

As a result, the robot can reach every point of its entire circular workspace at particularly high speed.

The Epson RS3 351S (Spider) can move directly to any point within its expanded operating area taking the shortest possible route; by contrast the usual SCARA system has to circumvent its own stand.

This innovation has reduced cycle times tremendously.

With the new RS Spider, Epson has developed a new SCARA system class that requires minimum footprint.

The first model of this new product family is the Epson RS3-R351S, a robot with a 350mm arm length.

In contrast to the standard SCARA system, the RS Spider’s speed around the work envelope represents a possible cycle time reduction of more than 15 per cent, and, in comparison to the Cartesian robot, this rises to as much as 25 per cent.

The Epson RS3-R351S is also available for Class 10 cleanroom and/or ISO 3 including ESD configuration (antistatic).

The RS3-R351S is controlled by the Epson RC 180 controller making it easy to integrate the robot into existing production lines and processes.

Users can freely programme the RS Spider via the intuitive Epson RC+ development environment.

The easy-to-use software control has a wide range of integrated options and interfaces such as Vision Guidance, .Net support, Profibus, Devicenet, EtherNet/IP and much more.

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