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Schaeffler is offering a range of driven linear units, including belt- and ballscrew-driven linear actuators.

The range also comprises linear tables, control systems, servomotors, motorised gearboxes, fasteners, connectors and mounting brackets.

Driven linear units – which typically incorporate high-precision linear guidance systems, rigid support rails, servomotor drives, gearboxes and control systems – must be compact, high-performance, modular systems to suit a range of applications.

In one novel customer application, Schaeffler’s linear actuators are being used on ground printing machines to provide high repeat accuracy and to ensure high inherent rigidity of the support rail.

German company Jochum Technology designs and manufactures a range of special-purpose ground printing machines used in large-format printing applications.

The machines are used to print advertising logos on soft and hard surfaces, including grass (such sports stadium pitches), roads, carpet, film, truck tarpaulin sheets and frame coverings.

The machines function in a similar way to inkjet printers, printing in multi-colour on a variety of media, such as sprays or powders.

The linear guidance system for the machine may also need to withstand other media, such as water and fertiliser.

The ground printing machines use Schaeffler’s MLF125-ZR linear actuator with an enclosed track roller guidance system and a toothed belt drive.

This compact linear drive unit provides high repeat accuracy, low maintenance and high inherent rigidity of the support rail.

Acceleration is up to 20m/s2.

Speed is up to 4m/s and the stroke length of the linear guidance system is 1,700mm.

Schaeffler offers a range of linear guidance systems that are based on the company’s linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies or track roller guidance systems.

These are driven by either a ballscrew or by one of three different toothed belts.

According to the company, flexibility to match the customer’s requirements is important for machine builders.

Schaeffler claims that it provides linear products that match these requirements, as well as advice and guidance from the machine design stage right through to initial operation.

With linear actuators, high inherent rigidity of the support rail is critical for many machine builds.

Other requirements and design considerations for the machine builder may include: a high-load and moment-carrying capacity of the linear guidance system; a high-axial load-carrying capacity; high rigidity; dynamics of the drive system; low-moving mass; a long operating life; and low-maintenance requirements.

Schaeffler driven linear units can be found in precision assembly and handling machines, clean rooms, transfer systems, electronics manufacturing, packaging machines, medical equipment and precision-measuring machines.

For moving larger masses in one or multiple axes, Schaeffler offers linear tables or stages, which, owing to the large distances between support points, are capable of supporting high torques.

The guidance systems in these stages are based on linear ball bearings or on linear ball bearing and guideway assemblies.

Linear stages are available with ballscrew drives or trapezoidal lead screws.

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