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Schaffner has released the FN 9244 and FN 9244E filtered IEC connectors.

IEC connectors and IEC filter connectors are commonly used in applications where the power-cord must be disconnected from the end product, for example in portable devices or for a product with a country-specific power cord and plug.

The integrated EMC filter and IEC inlet component helps users attain EMI approvals and reduce the number of components in a system.

This saves on handling and logistics costs at the factory.

The Schaffner FN 9244 series offers approximately 10dB more noise attenuation than the existing FN 9222, making it ideal for noisy applications.

Medical versions meeting IEC/EN 60601-1 are available.

A saturation-resistant core and good thermal behaviour enhance reliability.

The FN 9244 achieves high differential and common-mode attenuation.

Current ratings are up to 15A.

Snap-in mounting versions are available to fit panel thicknesses from 0.7 to 2.2mm and a wide-mounting flange option may be specified.

All models are RoHS compliant.

The complementary FN 9244E offers the performance and functions of the FN 9244 but includes an earth line choke for additional EMC suppression on the earth line.

Paul Dixon, managing director of Schaffner, said: ‘We have improved the performance of medical grade filters without Y capacitors and employed a new plastic magnetic core that fulfils the air isolation and creepage requirements for the medical market.’ Typical specifications include: maximum continuous operating voltage of 250V AC at 50/60Hz, operating frequency DC to 400Hz, protection category IP40 according to IEC 60529 and temperature range (operation and storage) of -25C to +85C.

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