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Schmartboard has released three SMT-to-DIP adapters, which support the use of surface-mount technology (SMT) components with breadboards.

The new adapters use the patented EZ technology, which means soldering the surface-mount component is straightforward, according to the company.

Neal Greenberg, Schmartboard’s vice-president of sales and marketing, said: ‘Many universities, professionals and hobbyists still use breadboards, despite the difficulties of utilising SMT components with them.

‘A few years ago, a user could find an IC in a DIP package, but that is no longer the case with new ICs.

‘Users who want advanced functionality, such as an accelerometer, gyro and sensors, have to buy an expensive socket or forgo using the IC,’ he added.

The first new board is a 0.65mm SOIC-to-DIP adapter.

Included in the package are 0.65mm-pitch adapter boards for eight leads, 20 leads and 28 leads, plus a row of headers to use the boards with a breadboard.

The set of three boards has a suggested retail price of USD5 (GBP3).

The second board supports SOT 23 and SC70 components.

This board comprises six boards in one.

It contains two boards for SOT 23 (up to eight legs) with a 0.95mm pitch, two boards for SOT 323, 353 and 363 parts with a 0.65mm pitch and two boards for SC70 (up to six legs) with a 0.65mm pitch.

The six-board set has a suggested retail price of USD5.

The third board supports both 0.5mm-pitched 48-pin QFP and QFN devices.

According to the company, there has never been a way for users to use tight-pitched QFP or QFN devices in the past.

The suggested retail price for the third board is USD6.

Schmartboard plans to release new products for this range over the next few months until the most popular chips package sizes are supported.

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