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SCHMIDT Pneumatic Press - .PDF file.

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SCHMIDT Hydro Pneumatic Press - .PDF file.

The Schmidt Hydro Pneumatic Press range consists of a modular system suitable for transforming, joining and assembling within the pressing force range of 15-220kN.

With the addition of the Schmidt Presscontrol 3000 and optional process monitoring, these presses become EC type-approved, CE-conformed workstations.

Therefore, the press systems can be used in either single cycle mode or automatic mode.

The application determines selection of the press system.

Consideration is given to the flexible design of the assembly location taking into account the ergonomic and safety aspects.

These characteristics are achieved by means of a finely adjusted, modular-type product range.

The presses offer high flexibility and economic efficiency due to short changeover times.

Easy and accurate positioning of tools is achieved through the precise alignment between ram bore and the ground press table.

The force output pre-selector allows pressure reduction for the power stroke to one bar.

This reduces the nominal press force to 1/6 of the maximum force.

The end positions of the ram can be sensed via the inductive proximity switches.

There is no mechanical compression spring in the cylinder of the hydro-pneumatic system.

Tool protection is due to a smooth switchover from rapid approach stroke to power stroke.

Additional safety is applied when using heavy tools with the optional ram drift lock device for retention of ram in the home position.

Schmidt Technology

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) has grown to become the UK market leader in first-class stand alone machines, press tooling and assembly stations. The company has an excellent quality record and an experienced, loyal and highly motivated workforce.

The SCHMIDT Press Control offers high standards of safety and precision due to its force/stroke monitoring and integrated measurement technology.

SCHMIDT Technology Ltd. (UK) aims to provide a Total Tooling Solution to its customers from design and sampling to manufacture. Our tools are built for maximum life with minimum servicing. We strongly believe that quality tooling is essential to meet high productivity levels.

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