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Schmitt, a specialist in automatic dynamic balancing and process monitoring for the grinding industry, has introduced the SB-5500 controller.

The SB-5500 features a digital electronic design, compact size and larger high-resolution colour display.

It provides high accuracy (up to 0.02-micron displacement), speed (300-30,000rev/min), and flexibility (four-channel capability).

The SBS-5500 is said to be easy to install and eliminates the need for pre-balancing of the grinding wheels.

Users can fit the system, start the spindle and within seconds the wheel and arbor assembly are balanced to less than one micron.

This is said to ensure maximum productivity, minimum downtime and an improved and more consistent part quality from the grinding process.

The LCD shows the speed and displacement of the grinding wheel assembly and is multilingual, with Chinese, Russian and most European languages pre-installed.

The SB-5500 has been designed for OEM and end-user markets as it can operate as a standalone controller or be interfaced with the machine CNC and communicate through Ethernet, Profibus or hardwire.

Four balancing or acoustic emission systems can be fitted to one controller, and vibration spectrum scan firmware is included.

Communication is possible via Ethernet TCP/IP, USB 2.0 Profibus DP, or Hardwire CNC/PLC.

The SBS-5500’s features include: rack-mounted, panel-mounted or HMI display running on grinder CNC software; displays displacement or velocity (microns or mm/s) and rev/min of wheel; multi-voltage 100-240VAC or 21-28VDC power supply; suitable for grit, CBN and diamond wheels 150-1,800mm diameter; compatible with all existing SBS balance heads, sensors and SB-4500 cables.

The controller’s benefits include: save time – no need to pre-balance grinding wheels; balances wheel assembly in service conditions in seconds; automatically re-balances to preset limits as the wheel wears; fits to centre-less, surface, plunge, creep feed or universal grinders; improves part quality and geometry; reduces scrap due to burning, ovality and chatter; minimum downtime of grinder for wheel changes; longer life for grinding wheels, dresser diamonds and spindle bearings; greater accuracy – capable of balancing to 0.02 microns; and worldwide SBS service and support.

An internal or external balance head is fitted to the spindle of the grinding machine.

Inside the balance head are two motor-driven eccentric masses.

Vibration generated by the spinning grinding wheel assembly is picked up by a sensor fitted to the spindle bearing housing.

This vibration signal is fed to the SBS controller, which filters the signal to +/-3 per cent of the wheel rev/min.

The controller drives the weights inside the balance head.

When the weights are positioned so the lowest vibration level is reached once the balance cycle is complete.

The SB-5500 controller can be fitted with up to four electronic cards, including: SB-5512 – internal or external balance head with rotary slip-ring cable connection; SB-5518 hydrokompenser balancing; SB-5522 acoustic emission monitoring of grinding and dressing events; SB-5532 contact-less internal or external balance heads; SB-5543 – manual positioning of balance weights on the wheel flange.

The SB-5500 is certified to ETL and CE.

Its operating temperature range is +5C to +55C and the controller is NEMA 12, IP54 rated.

Schmitt Europe

Established in 1997 and based near Coventry, Schmitt Europe provides a one-stop shop for advanced grinding wheel balancing solutions. The company specialises in balancing equipment designed to reduce vibration and excessive wear, improve accuracy and reduce running costs.

Established in 1997 and based near Coventry, Schmitt Europe provides a one-stop shop for advanced grinding wheel balancing solutions. The company specialises in balancing equipment designed to reduce vibration and excessive wear, improve accuracy and reduce running costs. We provide:

  • External and internal grinding wheel balancers
  • Portable balancers
  • Semi-automatic balancers
  • Hydrokompenser fluid-filled balancers
  • Acoustic Emissions Monitoring Systems (AEMS)

Schmitt systems keep precision rotating devices, such as grinding wheels, fans and turbines, operating at optimum efficiency, increasing productivity and saving costs.

Our SBS grinding wheel balancing system:

  • Extends grinding wheel life
  • Reduces vibration and machine wear
  • Extends periods between wheel dressing
  • Reduces chatter
  • Improves accuracy
  • Reduces set-up time

Schmitt also provides ‘Acuity’ laser measurement sensors used in a wide range of industrial applications including steel casting, paper production, medical imaging, automotive and semiconductor handling equipment. These include:

  • Laser distance measurement sensors
  • Light scatter and surface roughness laser measurement sensors

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