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The Granta School in Cambridge, UK, has chosen to replace its existing Ozone system with an ATG UV Technology Ultraviolet water-treatment system for its on-campus special needs hydrotherapy rehabilitation facility.

H20 Servicing purchased and installed an ATG UV Inline ECL dual lamp system, which had been designed and manufactured to client specifications such as bather load and pool size.

Key benefits of product application

  • Automatic wiper prevents build-up of deposits on the quartz tube
  • Protective strainer baskets
  • Half to full power for increased efficiency during periods of low usage and
    UV monitoring
  • Breaks down problem chloramines, reducing ’red eye’, skin irritations and chlorine smells
  • Elimination of chloramines produces clear, sparkling water and reduces the need for shock treatments and backwashes
  • Will safeguard against all known bacteria, viruses and pathogens

atg UV Technology have been proudly supplying UV equipment since 1981. As UV experts, we can offer standard low pressure, low pressure amalgam and high power medium pressure UV systems. Additionally we also offer bespoke ultraviolet disinfection treatment systems providing our clients with an individually tailored solution to solve complex disinfection problems.

atg UV can supply individual products for flows ranging from a few litres per hour to over 5,000 m3/hr in a single unit. We are excited to be presenting our latest range of products at Aquatech 2011.


atg UV Technology are prime manufacturers of Low Pressure, Low Pressure Amalgam and Medium Pressure UV disinfection / UV Treatment systems.  atg UV also offer Special Ultraviolet disinfection / treatment systems offering clients an individually tailored service to solve the most complex of disinfection problems.

With three decades of experience in the Ultraviolet industry combined with constant product innovation and the development of award winning system designs, atg UV provide economic, versatile and durable solutions for many applications in a variety of industry sectors and operating environments, with flows ranging from a few litres per hour to over 5,000m3/hr in a single unit .

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