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Schott Systeme has launched an intermediate update for its design and manufacturing software, Pictures by PC 3.4.

This update incorporates a number of enhancements in the areas of modelling, machining and technical documentation.

Focusing on construction, the company has extended the abilities of its existing hybrid solid, surface and mesh-modelling suite.

When combined with the software’s feature recognition capabilities, a greater range of model features can now be extracted and directly modified without a parametric feature history tree.

This hybrid suite also sees the introduction of mesh healing, to help identify and repair problems in imported STL models.

Enhancements to CAM include a selection of readymade machining strategies.

Building on the software’s ability to allow customers to set up and save preferred methods of machining, this catalogue of operations helps new customers to choose and apply the correct strategy in a couple of mouse clicks.

This is said to be useful when dealing with the application of more complex milling operations such as five-axis machining.

The customer is then only left with the decision of which tool and cutting parameters to use, with the update also incorporating a cutting-data calculator to automatically determine the actual tool feed relating to the feed per tooth.

The company has also integrated 3D PDF into its Business Graphics module.

This is incorporated in the software’s linked PDFs, whereby all of a project’s documentation can be graphically organised and automatically converted into a single PDF, complete with the ability to navigate the project’s links within the PDF.

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