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Schott Systeme has frozen its pricing for the 12th year running and launched a range of design and machining functions within its latest Pictures by PC 3.4 CAD/CAM software.

Schott has developed the version with the streamlining of the mould-tool design and machining process in mind.

This process starts with the import of customer models and Schott has enhanced its data-import facilities to include the latest versions of STEP and 3D IGES Solid formats.

For customers dealing with poor-quality data, a range of advanced surfacing functionality and a more advanced Healing suite are included.

Existing eTribridi mixed modelling techniques have been improved to help customers working with STL mesh models, enabling them to construct core and cavity moulds from mixed mesh, solid and surface models.

This is being accompanied by a suite of mesh analysis, repair and handling tools.

Pictures by PC 3.4 also sees a number of enhancements to speed up the machining of mould tools.

The software now utilises multi-core processing, with users receiving an instant improvement in toolpath calculation times from between 30-50 per cent on dual-core PCis and from 40-60 per cent on quad-core versions, with additional gains achievable by using the 64bit version.

The company has also enhanced its eFreeform Feature Recognition module, aiding in the automatic extraction of complex, freeform mould features to machine, such as tapered walls and freeform chamfers.

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