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Schroff has cut an air conditioning system’s energy use by 35 per cent by fitting hot aisle/cold aisle containment, re-routing cable runs within server cabinets and reconfiguring floor tiles.

The reorganisation also provided headroom for the installation of additional servers in the existing cabinets.

It also reduced the temperature gradient within the server cabinets, extending the life of the servers and improving reliability.

The payback time on the cost of the additional hardware installation was measured in months, not years.

The data centre holds 75 server cabinets arranged in three rows in a computer room with an overall volume of 600m3.

The room was cooled by five 32kW air conditioners; during normal operation, four were running at full capacity with one as a redundant back-up.

After the installation of the Schroff hardware, which was retrofitted to the existing cabinets supplied by a third party, three of the air conditioners running at 50 per cent capacity were enough to cope with the thermal load.

Within the cabinets, the installation of 1U blanking panels at the front of the racks, the rerouting of cable runs, the sealing of the base apertures and the installation of ventilated front doors reduced the top-to-bottom temperature gradient from 10C to less than 1C; because the hot and cold air is segregated, the overall temperature within the cabinets also dropped by about 4C, despite the input temperature from the air conditioner units having increased from 17 to 22C.

Further efficiency savings have been achieved by raising the room temperature from 22 to 28C.

The reduced energy usage, direct cost reduction and the associated reduction in CO2 emissions are a significant step towards carbon-neutral operation of the facility.

For over four decades Schroff has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of electronics packaging components and systems.

The company offers a comprehensive range of enclosure solutions, including cabinets, subracks, cases, backplanes and power supplies, as well as complete systems for standard bus architectures such as VME, cPCI, AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA.

These products are based on the know-how of specialists in the integration of mechanical, electronic and thermal management systems, together with many years’ experience of the most diverse applications in all kinds of environments. Schroff technical personnel are also heavily involved in the development of international standards for electronics packaging systems, with representatives on numerous working groups of institutions such as the IEC, CENELEC, IEEE, BSI, VDE and DIN.

To complement its wide range of products, the company has established a co-ordinated service strategy designed to ensure that customers enjoy comprehensive support throughout the life of the product.Grouped together under the banner ‘ServicePLUS’, Schroff’s product support services are now arranged in eight modules comprising configuration, assembly, modification, solution, express, support, academy and lifecycle.

The Schroff website, provides full technical information on all of the company’s products, including detailed descriptions, technical data, user manuals, test reports and downloadable CAD drawings

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