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Confectioner Thorntons has chosen a Schubert automated packaging line to pack a wide variety of its assorted chocolates.

The versatile system packs up to 73 trays a minute in the 24/7 operation and is designed to handle a large range of carton sizes from 100 to 685g.

Up to 20 chocolate varieties can be accommodated as the line comprises 20 product in-feed conveyor belts and 10 high-performance robotic arms that rapidly perform up to 110 picks a minute.

Trays are transported along the line’s chain conveyor and fed into a series of five TLM-F44 sub machines that each comprise four product in-feed belts.

The chocolates are located via Schubert’s vision system and then filled by the F4 robot units, which each feature a pair of in-feed belts.

‘This new line, the second Schubert system in use at Thorntons’ factory in Alfreton, was produced to fulfil the project’s requirements of not only damage-free handling of various hand-finished appearance chocolates, but also high-accuracy placement into the packaging trays,’ explained Mark Jocelyn, Schubert UK’s sales account manager.

Thorntons previously packed the products by hand, which required three manual lines to produce the equivalent quantity now achieved by the Schubert equipment.

‘The new Schubert line has improved productivity and reduced the requirement for temporary labour,’ said factory manager Joanne Talbot.

‘We now have two Schubert machines working 24/7 and improvements from the first machine are obvious in the operating speed and the simplicity of programming,’ she added.

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