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Schubert has unveiled a machine for thermoforming plastic film and packing a wide variety of individually pieced products in plastic trays.

The TLM-T800 can process all types of thermoformable packaging polymers and offers a maximum output of 20 cycles/min at a drawing depth of up to 80mm.

The machine has two separate thermoforming areas, an automatic roll change facility for the pair of 400mm film webs, a quality mark imprinting system and an ultrasound sealing and punching device.

The T800 is designed to be integrated with a series of Schubert’s TLM-F44 robotic packing stations, with each unit capable of packing up to 220 items every 60s.

According to Schubert, the T800 has a maximum filling output of around 3,300 products per minute with the highest upgrade configuration of 15 packing stations.

The system is able to undertake sealing and punching in a single operation, and requires only one tool to be changed to accommodate different tray sizes and materials.

After punching out the finished packs, the skeleton web is drawn upwards and wound onto a reel or sent to a shredder.

The continuous operation of the film transport device means the packs are able to run in a protected environment, from placement of the upper film through to the sealing process.

Quality control is monitored by a downstream image processing system fitted to the final TLM-F44 packaging station, which ensures that only packs conforming to the correct standard are passed.

Schubert’s thermoforming machine will feature at the PPMA Show at Birmingham’s NEC, from 29 September to 1 October.

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