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Schuler has supplied a servo press with a press force of 4,000kN to TRW Automotive in Alfdorf, Germany.

Transporting a heavy load of this scale posed a particular technical and logistic challenge.

The 64-ton machine was loaded by crane onto a heavy-goods vehicle with 18 axles.

In order to avoid narrow stretches, bends and other problems along the way, the planners could not simply select the fastest route for the haulage company.

Instead, the heavy load had to take a detour, travelling a total of around 35km.

As the servo press was too large for the factory gates at TRW Automotive, a special crane with a lifting capacity of 500 tonnes was stationed in Alfdorf to remove part of the factory roof in preparation for the delivery.

The press was then lowered through the ‘hole’, before the roof was finally closed again.

TRW Automotive will be able to use this servo press to produce a wide variety of parts.

As a specialist supplier of safety parts and systems for car manufacturers, the company said it expects to benefit from the flexibility of Schuler’s forming press with Servodirect drive.

The die can exert a press force of up to 4,000kN (400 tonf) on each part, at a speed of 90 strokes per minute.

The slide’s movement characteristics in the press can also be individually programmed.

‘This enables the customer to quickly configure the movement sequence and acting force of the line in order to produce a wide variety of safety parts; for example, for safety belts or stoppers,’ said Uwe Rosenauer of Schuler’s customer service team.

TRW Automotive in Alfdorf had previously used forming presses with a different type of drive system for its production.

All TRW Automotive employees responsible for programming the line in Alfdorf, were able to learn about the control system in advance during training sessions at Schuler’s facilities.

‘We offered plenty of practice and testing to ensure that the production launch at TRW Automotive goes as smooth as possible,’ said Rosenauer.

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